Explorer Kit

Stream motion data wirelessly to the cloud, analyze, share, research, develop, build prototypes and new wearable products and services faster than ever.

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Key Features

Fast and easy experiment setup, data capture and data inspection process. Versatile locateable accelerometer/gyro sensor module. Works with WiFi and cellular connections. Realtime Data Capture to Cloud. Simple REST API for data access, sharing and programming. Free online account access. Free data storage. Easy algorithm prototyping capabilities. Simple export to third party tools (Excel, Matlab). Simple access to programming environments (Python and Javascript). Simple access to Signal Processing Routines. Simple access to Machine Learning Platforms. Tutorials and example code to get you started.

Kit Contents

One wearable motion sensing module board with mems accelerometer, gyroscope and USB rechargable lithium polymer battery. One sensor micro USB charging cable. Sensor mounting materials. One android smartphone device with pre-insalled android software. One free online account. (Online cloud based data storage platform where your motion data is streamed, stored, shared and accessed.)

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Realtime wireless wearable motion data capture and development stack solution for research and development in sports science, kinesiology and other related fields in the area of measurement and analysis of movement.

Sensor Module

footprint - L: 1.13in / 29mm x W: 0.7in / 18mm x H: 0.24in / 6mm weight - 0.1oz power - rechargable 100mAH lithium polymer 3.7V battery. mems accelerometer sampilng frequency - 50Hz mems accelerometer data resolution - ±2g:16384LSB/g mems gyroscope sampling frequency - 50Hz mems gyroscope data resolution - ±125°/s: 262.4 LSB/°/s connectivity - Bluetooth LE 4.2-2.4Ghz (Up to 100ft of range to smart device-typical 10m)

Android App

native android app providing BLE sensor connection and WiFi/cellular connection to cloud storage platform

Cloud Based Wearables Research and Development Platform

1G free data storage. as many experiments up to 1G storage. data access - unlimited. data sharing - unlimited.

Explorer Kit - Research and Development Uses

Sports Science ● Kinesiology ● Rehabilitation Engineering ● BioInformatics ● Physiatry ● Human Activity Recognition ● Animal Wellbeing ● Research ● Wearable Applications Development