Cloudspindle releases wearables platform to early adopters

Thu Apr 5, 2018

Today we are announcing the release of Explorer Kit, our wearables platform for research and development, product development and education.

Until now, the barrier to entry to wearables research and product development has been significant requiring expertise and skills in the areas of hardware, firmware, back end server, web and mobile development. The potential for research, products and services built atop MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope data remains significant in many fields such as sports science, health and medical research, bioinformatics, physiatry, kinesiology, human activity recognition and well being monitoring.

We have removed many of these barriers to entry by providing an out of the box solution, Explorer Kit, to sense, capture, analyze, share, conduct research and develop product solutions around MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope data using a PaaS (Platform as a Service) approach to wearables development. With the Explorer Kit product, you can be up and running in minutes and focus on your experiments, research and/or product using out of the box hardware, firmware, PaaS and mobile system components that not only form the basis of your research and product development, but also double up as your final product removing signficant time and development costs to your wearables projects.

We are currently offering Explorer Kit to early adopters. Demos can be intially requested here.